Juran chapra, Road No - 2, Muzaffarpur, 842001, Bihar, India

Registration under societies, Registration ACT, 1860
Regd. No - 88, Year 1973 - 1974, DTD. 16.10.1973


Wonderful appearance for a hospital. I was thrilled to go round and see things. Organisers deserve lot of thanks. I wish it all success.

L. P. Shahi, M.L.A

Minister of Bihar
Date: 24-02-1973

Visited Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital this afternoon in the company of the new President (The commissioner of Tirhut Division), Secretary and member of the Managing Committee and the trust Board. the Hospital is well managed. Patients appeared to be well looked after by the doctors-in-charge and the staff wards were clean. It is a developing institution. I wish it God speed and a bright future. I gave some humble suggestion, which were readily agreed and I hope will be soon implemented. this charitable institution is a living establishment of the charitable disposition of those who have contributed and are contributing for its establishment and running.

Nandlal Untwaliya

Chief Justice, Bihar
Date: 27-12-1973

It is nice to come to this hospital. This is the only one at Muzaffarpur & rendering great service to the people. Operations free and both indoor and outdoor patients are treated. I have heard of its good reputation & I give it my best wishes.

Tushar Kanti Ghosh

Amrit Bazar Patrika, Kolkata
Date: 24-02-1974

It was a real pleasure and honor for me to visit this hospital. I have visited many eye hospital run on a charitable basis. I have no doubt that this is one of the best Hospital of much light. It is a well equipped hospital. the credit of its popularity and efficiency goes to Medical Officers. The trust has to be congratulated for managing the finances of the hospital. I wish the trust and the doctors working here all the best of luck.

K. K. Mehra

Prof. & Head Opthalmology Deptt. B. H. U
Date: 28-08-1977

I had the pleasure of going round this Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital. I am ready impressed by the progress it has made in such a short time. The hospital was fully packed and the cleanliness etc. was well maintained. I have learnt that a research center is proposed to be set up. I am confident that very soon it will come up. I wish the institution a great success. My honorable service will always be available.

J. N. Pahwa

Date: 27-02-1983

I inspected the Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital today in the morning at 12. 200 patients were enrolled at the outdoor, Refraction work was going on in full swing. 4 patients of cmtaract & one one patient of Pterygium were operated upon. I saw the operation of one patient of cataract and one patient of Prerygium. I was simply amazed at the skill & efficiency as surgeon of Dr. S. P. Sinha of the institute.

Dr, C. S. Sah, who was doing the dark room also impress me much, the secretary of this institution Sri. 0, P. Bajoria & the accountant Sri Ram Bihari Sahni and other are all great persons of this institute and I found them all devoted souls. I wish all success and prosperity of this institute.

Charu Chandra Sinha

Dy. Director, Health Services, Bihar
Date: 31-05-1988

A very noble laudable efforts. I felt most touched by the spirit of philanthropy emerging from this Institute. I wish them more & more such efforts. I wish them many many years of such dedicated services to humanity.

Yashvant Malhotra

I. G. P., Muzaffarpur
Date: 21-11-2003

Visited this charitable hospital made a complete round of the campus including operation theater. I have been moved to see the service of humanity at this larger scale without an so called monitory institute. In-fact every body attached with this kind of service are to be, thanked. The rays of god is being transmitted into the eyes of helpless & poor. I wish all success for such type of campus.

R. K. Sinha, I. P. S.

S. P. , Muzaffarpur
Date: 02-12-2003

I found myself fortunate enough to visit Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital. Wonderful and admirable work being done here. I was happy to find that even though value are falling like anything, there are dedicated people in this institution. I congratulate the organizers for i doing commendable work.

Justice B. N. Agrwal

Judge, Supreme Court, New delhi
Date: 06-12-2003

I am impressed with the working of Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital. It has acquired most of the latest equipment for operation. The management deserves cooperation and thanks for the public of Muzaffarpur and also of north Bihar.

Pritinath Jha

Times of India, Muzaffarpur
Date: 13-12-2003